Why Jennifer Lopez says she might cancel her wedding altogether

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Like many people with weddings planned for 2020, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had to cancel their nuptials that were due to take place this summer. And now the singer has admitted they might just not get married at all.

The pair announced their engagement after two years together in March 2019, and had plans to tie the knot in a big ceremony in Italy. But in a new interview with Andy Cohen per Hollywood Life, the 51-year-old said they have reassessed whether they need to get married at all.

"We’ve talked about [not doing it] for sure," she said. "I mean, at our age, we’ve both been married before, it’s like, do we get married? Do we not? What does it mean for us?"

Photo credit: Andrew Toth - Getty Images
Photo credit: Andrew Toth - Getty Images

Speaking about cancelling the Italian ceremony they had booked, J Lo continued, "It was really sad because we were supposed to get married in June and we had planned it all. So in March or April, we’re looking down the pipe and we’re going, 'This is maybe not going to happen.' Italy’s the worst place in the world. And we were going to get married in Italy. It was, yeah, it was like, I was like, ‘OK, we got to cancel everything.'"

The singer then said the process of cancelling and then potentially rearranging all of the wedding plans made her reassess whether it was necessary, adding that she might take inspiration from Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell—who have been together for decades but never married.

"You just think to yourself, ‘Well, things will happen in their divine time in a way,'" she said. "But the same thing with like the Goldie thing and Kurt, you think, 'Do you have to, should we?' It just kind of gave us a moment to pause and think about it. And I think it’s something that maybe is still important to us, but there’s no rush, you know, there’s no rush. It’ll happen when it happens."

We're desperate to see J Lo in a wedding dress, but it's whatever's right for her, right?

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