Why isn't Shotgun Mary in Warrior Nun season 2?

why is shotgun mary not in warrior nun season 2
Why isn't Shotgun Mary in Warrior Nun season 2?Courtesy of NETFLIX - Netflix

Warrior Nun is the binge-worthy Netflix watch we all need so, of course, we were thrilled to find out the series was returning for a season two.

Since S2 launched on 1o November, we've been busy trying to get our heads around the whole thing, including deciphering the series two ending and stalking the whole cast on Instagram, obviously.

Still, one notable character was sadly missing from season two - and that's Shotgun Mary, played by Toya Turner. So, why wasn't Shotgun Mary in Warrior Nun season two, and will we see her back again?

why is shotgun mary not in warrior nun season 2
Courtesy of NETFLIX - Netflix

For those wondering, the mystery has been answered, as Warrior Nun's creator has now explained exactly why the pivotal character was missing from S2.

To recap, season one saw Mary helping to bring new Halo Bearer Ava Silva (Alba Baptista) into the Order of the Cruciform Sword. She was also key in investigating the death of Sister Shannon (Melina Matthews), Ava's predecessor.

The end of S1 saw Mary being attacked by Adriel's followers - though whether she ends up dead or not is unclear, with season two simply revealing that "Mary's gone."

Now, Warrior Nun showrunner Simon Davis Barry has explained Shotgun Mary's absence from season two, telling Screen Rant that Mary *was* supposed to appear in the second series, but that personal circumstances meant actress Toya Turner couldn't come back.

why is shotgun mary not in warrior nun season 2
Courtesy of NETFLIX - Netflix

Barry explained, "Well, the plan was to have Mary in season two. And unfortunately, at the beginning of season two's filming, Toya had to leave the show for personal reasons."

He went on to reveal that showrunners had to "retool" the series, rather than recast Mary. He went on, "[W]e didn't want to recast her because I think it's too iconic a character, so what we had to do is figure out a way to tie in what had happened at the end of season 1 that didn't feel too clunky and didn't feel too slapped on."

Barry then added that the season two solution was intended to "honour Shotgun Mary's character," while also helping to establish new S2 characters, calling the situation a "very challenging puzzle."

Hey, we'd say season two ended up pretty good if the fan reaction is anything to go by. Still, here's hoping we can see Shotgun Mary back in a potential season three.

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