Why isn't my haircare routine working?

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Ever wondered why after a luxurious trip to the salon you struggle to maintain those fresh and healthy locks?  

The key reason: you are probably using the wrong combination of products for your hair type and needs!

But never fear, because Rachel Zipperian, Herbal Essences’ Product Scientist and Developer, has given us some top tips on how to identify what your hair needs.

Oily hair

"If your roots seem oily, make sure to shampoo frequently and pay close attention to both washing and rinsing around your scalp,” Rachel recommends. “When you're adding shampoo to your hair, apply it towards your scalp and give yourself a little massage to really work in the lather. It is also important to rinse products like shampoo and conditioner completely out of your hair as product residue can look like oily roots."  

Frizzy/dry hair  

"Dry hair and frizzy hair tend to be more porous and reactive to humidity as it can literally pull humidity from the air,” Rachel explains. “We make our Herbal Essences products with a deeply restorative formula and plant-based nutrients to help hydrate and transform hair back to its natural glory. Our Essences of Life Intensive Hair Concentrates and Intensive Hair Masks resupply hair with nutrients that fend off dryness and frizz. Available in both Argan Oil and Coconut Milk variants, your hair will soak up this nourishing formula."  

Keeping it healthy and shiny  

"If you want to keep hair healthy and shiny, you need to treat the root cause of damage and work beyond the surface, deep inside the hair. Oxidation from free radicals destroy the hair's precious proteins, comprising its natural strength,” Rachel continues.

She recommends people look for products that work below the surface to resupply hair with antioxidants that keep it looking healthy and glossy.

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