Why is everyone on TikTok talking about the Chanel advent calendar?

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Photo credit: TikTok/Elise Harmon
Photo credit: TikTok/Elise Harmon

If you've been on TikTok at all in the last few days, like, even for a second, you'll have no doubt seen all the talk around Chanel's limited edition advent calendar. It all started when one TikTok user, who'd purchased the $825 (£610) advent calendar, shared a series of unboxing videos, which didn't quite include the items you'd expect from one of the world's biggest fashion and beauty brands.

Sharing the initial clip with her 241k followers, Elise Harmon excitedly showed off her purchase – which the French fashion house describes as "a calendar unlike any other" – saying: "Am I crazy? Absolutely, but I've never seen a Chanel advent calendar, so let's see if its worth the hype."

"We'll give them a 10/10 for packaging," she continued, pointing out how the shape of the calendar reflects the brand's iconic perfume bottle. But for Elise, it seemed that's where her excitement ended.

Opening up the boxes (which started with number five, rather than number one), Elise revealed what gift was waiting for her behind each date. Some of the sold-out advent calendar items included a picture flip book, a keyring, a pack of stickers, a bookmark, a magnet, temporary tattoos and a dust bag – with nothing in it.

Commenting on the calendar's contents, Elise laughs: "I can't make this up."

It didn't take long before the video went viral, racking up over 15 million views. And, in the comments section, fans of the brand didn't hold back on their thoughts either. "The bracelet made out of STRING!! I'm crying," wrote one TikToker, as someone else said: "I’d demand a refund if I were you. That’s literally worth like $5 maybe." A third follower simply described the product as "The Fyre Festival of advent calendars."

But some fans stood up for the brand, arguing that Chanel had made no secret about the contents of the advent calendar. And, a quick look at the website proves just that, with the contents clearly listed and photographed.

Photo credit: Chanel
Photo credit: Chanel

Tbf, we low-key (read: very high-key) want those Chanel temporary tattoos...

Cosmopolitan UK has reached out to Chanel for comment.

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