This Is Why We Don't Recommend Aldi's Crescent Rolls

Split image of Aldi crescent rolls
Split image of Aldi crescent rolls - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

In the minds of many shoppers, Aldi is more than a mere grocery store. In fact, some customers swear by the chain's extensive selection of private-label goods, which are products manufactured exclusively for sale in the store. Along with being more affordable than name-brand goods, Aldi also makes certain that its exclusive goods rival big brands in terms of quality. And while the discount chain is often successful in this pursuit, not all the products it sells meet the expectations of customers.

In Daily Meal's ranking of six canned crescent roll brands, Aldi's Bake House Creations brand came in at number four. The major issue with the product appears to be the lack of flavor, as compared to the number one pick from Trader Joe's, which was described as having "a balance of butter and salt without a doughy flavor profile." According to the Aldi website, these rolls will run you $2.15 for an 8-count package (although prices typically vary from location to location). While you can't beat a deal like that, be prepared for a disappointing experience.

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Getting To The Bottom Of Aldi's Bland Crescent Rolls

Aldi crescent rolls
Aldi crescent rolls - Aldi

Per the taste test conducted by Daily Meal, Aldi's crescent rolls looked quite appetizing fresh out of the oven and were described as "like something out of a magazine." However, the taste tester determined that "there wasn't a lot of flavor to be found" upon sampling the product. All that was present were "hints of butter and a tiny touch of salt," which led the reviewer to attribute these rolls "a never again rating."

Similar sentiments were shared on Reddit regarding the quality of Aldi's brand of crescent rolls. The original poster dubbed the product "absolutely inedible," while another person agreed, stating, "Yup, I've given up on those." Based on the comments, it appears that this Bake House Creations product was once a lot tastier than the current iteration. As exclaimed by a commenter, "The old recipe was so much better but I will definitely be getting crescent roll dough somewhere else now!!"

Steps To Take If You're Unsatisfied With Bake House Creations Crescent Rolls

shopping at Aldi
shopping at Aldi - Scott Olson/Getty Images

It may be possible to revive Aldi's bland but inoffensive crescent rolls by employing them in other recipes. There's always the easy crescent roll hack for homemade pie that can turn the lackluster product into a delectably sweet treat. By adding some brown sugar, cinnamon, and cream cheese, you can use these crescent rolls to make flavorful cinnamon buns with minimal effort. Aldi's crescent rolls are also ideal for savory recipes, from casseroles to calzones.

When there's no saving a product, feel free to take advantage of Aldi's Twice as Nice Guarantee. This policy offers shoppers a replacement product in addition to a refund if they're dissatisfied with an item they've purchased from the store. All you need is the package the item came in, along with whatever remains of the product. While beneficial, shoppers should be mindful of not abusing the store's generous return policy, as doing so could incur the wrath of Aldi employees who aren't fans of the Twice as Nice Guarantee. And remember that for every Aldi exclusive product that turns out to be a dud, there are plenty of other items that exceed customer expectations.

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