Why You Should Be Cautious If You Bought Bottled Mimosas At Costco

Cases of Kirkland bottled mimosas stacked in Costco
Cases of Kirkland bottled mimosas stacked in Costco - frankie_dranks / Instagram

There could be trouble brewing in brunchy paradise if you're a Costco customer who enjoys the Kirkland Signature Ready to Drink Mimosa. On October 21, a Reddit user posted a decidedly unappetizing photograph of the product on a r/Costco subreddit titled "Ayo whats up with Kirkland mimosa??" The photograph depicts a hand holding what appears to be an unopened bottle of the premade alcoholic drink with a dead insect inside. Along with the picture, the thread's author asked, "Anyone else had this happen to them?"

It's impossible to determine whether this Reddit post is a hoax. At the time of publishing, there appears to be no definitive evidence that Costco is officially recalling the product. Although several Kirkland brand foods appear on the company's official recalls webpage (including its Master Carve Half Ham, Chicken Tortilla Soup, organic strawberries, Cold Brew, and walnuts), the Ready to Drink Mimosa is not listed among them. However, a website called Costco.97 (which is not affiliated with the corporation) is claiming that Costco issued a product quality notice for Kirkland Signature Ready to Drink Mimosa on October 20, stating that affected bottles purchased between September 25 and October 17 are eligible for a full refund.

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Kirkland's Foreign Objects Problem

Mimosas and oranges
Mimosas and oranges - etorres/Shutterstock

Earlier in 2023, all Kirkland's Signature Cold Brew coffees purchased between November 5, 2022, and February 10 of this year were recalled, according to a statement to Costco members by manufacturer Berner Food & Beverage, "due to a potential risk of foreign material contamination (a bolt being in a can)." Of course, not every can of Kirkland's Cold Brew contained a bolt, just as not every bottle of the Ready to Drink Mimosa will boast its own alleged tequila-worm insect analog.

Still, given that discretion is the better part of gastrointestinal health as well as valor, it's probably best to carefully inspect any bottles of Kirkland's Signature Ready to Drink Mimosa you purchased at Costco between late September and mid-October, if not return them outright. An unexpected six-legged addition to your sparkling brunch libation is not the kind of trick you want among your Halloween treats. And anyway, it's no big deal to make your very own classic mimosas and avoid these kinds of disasters altogether.

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