Why You Should Be Buying Limes At Costco

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We don't need to tell you how shopping at Costco can help you save some of your hard-earned bucks. Your economic shopping experience doesn't necessarily have to revolve around toilet paper or the rotisserie chicken — it can also be about produce. Now, before you whip out the list of reasons why one shouldn't buy produce from Costco, hear us out. We know that buying produce from the warehouse can sometimes be wasteful because, just like everything else there, the fruits and vegetables come in large quantities that you might not be able to go through before they go bad.

However, some items can last a long time and can be preserved. Costco's limes, for instance, can offer you a bang for the buck. For starters, they are cheaper than the ones you can buy at a grocery store. A single lime can cost up to a dollar. If you go through limes quickly enough, the deal isn't sour at all.

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There Are Plenty Of Ways To Make Limes Last

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According to people who have tried Costco limes, they are just as juicy as the ones found in grocery stores. Limes generally last up to three to four weeks in the fridge. When life gives you three pounds of Costco limes, and you know they'll go bad before you have a chance to consume them all, fret not. There are many ways you can make them last.

With a sealable glass jar and some salt, you can preserve your limes. Sterilize the jar and set it aside to dry. Cut the limes in halves. Once there is no moisture in the jar, put a layer of limes and add a layer of salt on top. Gently push the limes down with each layer so that they release some juice. Repeat the process until the limes are all in, and top off with a layer of salt. Remember to leave space between the lid and limes when sealing the jar. Store them in a cool place; they should be good to enjoy for around six months.

Once fermented, enjoy the limes with Greek yogurt, add them to marinades, use them as a taco topping ... the possibilities are endless. Another way to enjoy limes for a long time is by juicing them. You can freeze them in ice cube trays and use them conveniently for months.

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