Who's The New Judge of America’s Next Top Model? BryanBoy!

Who's The New Judge of America’s Next Top Model? BryanBoy!

HUGE news for fans of America’s Next Top Model. BryanBoy, fashion blogger du decade and front row royalty, has signed up to be a judge on the new series of the reality TV show.

Now while 31-year-old Bryan, possibly the most famous fashion blogger in the world and a man who wears heels better than anyone at Grazia HQ, seems a likely choice for New TV Personality, it’s a decision causing quite a ruckus in the fashion world. Just last week, Scott Schuman was bemoaning the proliferation of bloggers on the front row (let alone TV) while in response to the news, catty fashion blogger Mark St. James has suggested that Bryan doesn’t ‘poses [sic] the necessary [sic] knowledge skills or abilities to sit on a panel of industry professionals and determine a young girls future’.

So huge news not because it’s thought he’ll replace photographer Nigel Barker (like, who?) on the panel – rather, huge news because this is the first time a fashion blogger has become a mainstream TV star.

Although Bryan Grey Yambao’s precise role is as yet undecided, there are suggestions that he’ll be the "social media correspondent." Either way, it’s been confirmed that he will join an all new judging panel which includes Johnny Wujek, a stylist for Katy Perry, in some capacity.

We’re pretty excited at the new appointment. Finally, the cast will include someone we’ve heard of and someone whose sense of style we fully appreciate, but what do you think? Should bloggers stick to their blogs or is it time we woke up to the fact that the internet, and its stars, are getting bigger..?

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