Whoopi Goldberg goes all in at the 2018 Women's March

Lissa Cosgrove
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Monday’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg reflected on Saturday’s Women’s March, where she not only stood up and spoke among thousands of fellow protesters in NYC, but she also went into the crowd and interviewed some amazingly brave woman.

“This is the Women’s March. We all want to be dealt with as human beings. I think women are saying, you know what, it’s enough.” She said in a voice-over while replaying clips from her day.

When she took to the streets of New York City, she interviewed Ashley Bennett, an EMT and crisis counselor.  Ashley made it very clear that she was not happy when her elected official mocked the Women’s March by saying, “Will they be home in time to cook dinner?” So, she ran against him — and won. Whoopi was so excited about Ashley’s triumph, she made her repeat it numerous times and reflected on their moment at the march.

“Well, you know what, the thing that I loved was hearing someone actually say the man pissed me off so badly that I ran against him. I made her repeat it like five times. I said did you win. She said I won. I said did you win. She said I won.”

She also talked to celebrities like singer-songwriter Halsey, who also took to the podium to talk about her painful experiences with sexual abuse.

Whoopi thought it was necessary to share what the president tweeted the morning of the march, saying that people should be out there celebrating the historic economic success of the past year for women.

“And then a lot of people reminded him that he was actually missing the point of the march,” she added about Trump.

Whoopi then closed the segment saying that we don’t all have to agree on some things, but that we can all agree on one thing. “This behavior that we have seen, be it sexual or people talking in your face or talking down to you, it’s not acceptable for anybody. It’s not acceptable for men or women or anybody. We all have to start as equal, and until that happens we’re going to keep marching.”


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