Whoopi Goldberg explains why she has no eyebrows

Whoopi Goldberg has revealed exactly why she doesn't have any eyebrows.

The Sister Act actress introduced a segment on the trend for bleached brows, as popularised by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Doja Cat, during the latest episode of The View on Monday.

But before discussing the look, Whoopi noted that she hasn't had eyebrows for much of her life.

"I had eyebrows as a little kid and you know how men get those bumps? I started to get them on my face so my mother removed them," she explained. "And so, I just keep doing it because I don't know my face with eyebrows unless I'm working - they put them on and take them off."

Whoopi went on to note that people rarely spot her lack of arches, with her co-host Sara Haines admitting she "never noticed" despite sitting next to the star for six years.

"Listen, what you can see on my face, you know where they went. You know where they are. You see. So when you're looking at me, your eye sees eyebrows when there are none," the 66-year-old continued.

In fact, one of Whoopi's ex-husbands took a long time to realise that she didn't have any brows.

"I was married to a man who did not notice until one day he said, 'Oh my God, you don't have any eyebrows,' and I said, 'Yeah, I know,'" she laughed.