These whole Easter Egg milkshakes are EVERYTHING

Photo credit: Twitter/The DIner
Photo credit: Twitter/The DIner

From Cosmopolitan UK

Someone seriously needs to calm us down right now because the ultimate mash-up has just happened and we can't DEAL.

Easter is the one time (after Christmas and our birthdays and the summer and the whole of winter) when we can truly indulge and not feel guilty about it, which is why when we heard the words 'Easter egg milkshake', we instantly started salivating.

And guys, this is no chocolate milkshake given the Easter title for one week only, this is a milkshake served in a WHOLE Cadbury's egg.


The milkshake itself is a delicious take on a New York cheesecake with plenty of whipped cream and peeps stacked on top.

If you want to try this baby you'll sadly have to A) be willing to travel to London on Good Friday B) be willing to part with 拢15 and C) be one of the first five customers to ask for one.

But it's not all bad news guys, as all you need to recreate this incredible idea at home is an egg, some Nesquik and a tube of squirty cream.

Just maybe share with someone else or you might be reaching for a bucket before you get a chance to finish it....

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