Whittard Just Launched The Most Tropical Hot Chocolate We've Ever Laid Our Eyes On

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Photo credit: Whittard
Photo credit: Whittard

There's no denying our love for a warming cup of hot choc, especially one that's come from leading coffee, tea and hot chocolate retailer – Whittard. Yep! If there's one thing we'll drink all year long, it's a mug of chocolate goodness topped with all the jazz. Which is why we were practically jumping with joy after finding out that Whittard had just dropped a new hot chocolate flavour.

Say hello to the brand's most tropical instalment yet… Introducing, Piña Colada White Hot Chocolate. You heard me!

Spotted online via @johns_snackreviews on Instagram, it's looking like we can expect to see the new flavour from June. Set your reminders, people!

We've heard nothing official from the team at Whittard just yet, but we'll make sure to update you guys as soon as we know launch date and prices.

In the meantime, if you love chocolate as much as we do, then you'll be glad to hear of our latest discovery... Reese's Hot Chocolate Machines!

Spotted online via Snack Reviews on Facebook, and recently shared via Money Saver by Dansway, it's rumoured that hot chocolate machines dedicated entirely to Reese's are set to hit the UK market, and we seriously couldn't be more thrilled.

Believed to be landing in Premier convenience shops first, it's anticipated that the new machines will be up and running ready for this month (May). Yep, that soon!

Photo credit: Reese's
Photo credit: Reese's
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