The White Lotus viewers share major theories after episode five’s shocking twist

The White Lotus season two episode five left fans in shock in the final moments of the latest instalment, and we’re not surprised! However, the revelation has led viewers to theorise about what could be happening - and we think they might be right. Find out more here, and spoiler alert for episode five… 

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In the new episode, Jennifer Coolidge’s character Tanya is invited to spend some time with a new group of friends, led by Tom Hollander as Quentin. Meanwhile, her assistant Portia becomes quickly infatuated with Quentin’s dashing nephew, Jack. In the episode, Portia and Jack plan to spend the night together, but he tells her he quickly needs to run an errand for his uncle.

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However, in the final moments of the episode, Tanya goes exploring the house after hearing a noise, only to discover Quentin and Jack having sex. Some fans were immediately confused as it appeared that the nephew and uncle were engaging in sexual activity, but others weren’t so sure. 


What is Quentin's game?

One person wrote" "Don’t be confused, Jack’s not really his nephew, it’s his boyfriend. Jack’s working Portia to keep her away so she won’t catch on to their scam." Another person added: "I don’t think that’s his nephew. Bet they’re trying to run a scam on poor Tanya. The way they slightly shaded her at the Opera was a clue."

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Were you expecting the plot twist? 

Others theorised that Jack is actually an escort, meaning that both Portia and her former fling Albie had unwittingly gotten into relationships with escorts during the trip. The upcoming promo hinted at what will happen next, with Tanya asking Portia to exercise caution in her relationship with Jack, hinting that she might not have told her about his relationship with Quentin… yet.

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