This White Kinder Bueno Cocktail Is Taking Over TikTok And We Can See Why

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Seeing as it’s Friday, we want to end the week by talking about cocktails – and one cocktail in particular: a Kinder Bueno cocktail.

This bad boy, which tastes just like a boozy melted white Kinder Bueno, has come to our attention thanks to TikTok user @Antscockys, real name Ant Morley (and Tyla), who came up with the extravagant drink after it was suggested to him online.

“I've always LOVED Kinder Buenos, so had to make a cocktail based around it,” Ant says. “I genuinely just came up with a recipe one day and it tasted amazing so went with it.

“I also knew people loved Kinder Buenos so naturally it went down quite well online!”

So, we’re guessing you want to know how to make this decadent drink, right? And the great news is, it’s dead easy to make at home.

All Ant does to make it is fill up a cocktail shaker with lots of ice, before filling it with 50ml of Baileys and 25ml of Kahlua.

He then adds 25ml of salted caramel syrup, 50ml of semi-skimmed milk and the creamy bit from the inside of a Kinder Bueno for some extra pizzazz. It’s then time to shake it like your life depends on it. Then he pours it into a fancy glass and garnishes it with a stick of white Kinder Bueno.

Talk about being extra…

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