The White Company shares gallery wall inspiration

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Photo credit: John Keeble - Getty Images
Photo credit: John Keeble - Getty Images

British retailer The White Company is known for its crisp, chic designs. The luxury lifestyle brand creates products with heritage, quality and beautiful design at the heart. The collections are principally in white and neutral colours, making them the perfect blank canvas for every home.

Over the weekend, the brand shared a picture to Instagram, showing off a gallery wall that has been created using several frames from The White Company.

In the lead up to autumn, the designs that feature in the picture are perfect for bringing in the colder weather. Cosy bronze florals and a glass hurricane candle cover pair beautifully with the neutral products in the set up, and would bring warmth into any home.

A gallery wall is relatively easy to recreate in the home, and usually involves a multitude of frames in different sizes, shapes, and colours, to bring personality to a wall that was otherwise left bare.

The Fine Black Small Picture Gallery from The White Company costs £220 for 6 frames, giving you everything you need to create your own wall gallery. Whether you want to include art, family photos, or quotes, you can really mix it up with a wall gallery, to create a space that feels very personal, and becomes a talking point.

The beautiful Glass Hurricane Cover costs £95, and will add depth to any table when covering a flickering candle.

If you enjoy having eternal florals in the home, the Metal Leaf Wreath, £55, and the Autumn Leaf Stems, £40, are great multi-purpose decorations for autumn.

Such a beautiful look.

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