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Core Instant Cabin 6-Person Cabin Tent

The whole family can fit in this Core Instant Cabin 6-Person Cabin Tent ($200).

Whether You're Camping in the Mountains or the Backyard, You Need These 17 Essentials

Since this year, we may not be jet-setting all over the world or going to big concerts or parties, we're making our own summer fun. One of the fun activities we've recently gotten interested in is camping. Yes, camping. It provides a break from being in the same place all the time, and if you're not all that excited about getting out in the wilderness, you can still camp in your own backyard. No matter where you end up pitching your tent, you'll need these 17 essentials.

From sleeping bags to lanterns and inflatable chairs, these are the options you'll want to have on hand. Whether you're going on a multiday excursion or just spending a night in the backyard, you'll have so much fun changing it up and sleeping under the stars. Plus, we found a s'mores kit you'll want no matter what. Keep on reading to shop our selects.


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