Where's Wallaby?! Rare Albino Wallaby Spotted In British Woodland

Where's Wallaby?! A rare white Albino Wallaby has been spotted in the wild of a British woodland. Captured by photographer John Selby, the extremely rare creature was spotted in autumnal undergrowth near the infamous Cliveden Estate in Berkshire. The rare genetic mutation of the Wallaby is the result of an imbalance of melanin which gives the creatures snow-hite fur and pink eyes, claws and nose. They are sensitive to sunlight, often have vision problems and are prone to cancer, all of which negatively impact their survival rates. Albino Wallabies are extremely rare, even in Australia, where a small community of 200 Wallabies are now thriving on the island of Tasmania. In Britain, Albino Wallabies exist in captivity, with two of the creatures having recently escaped from Thorner Alpacas Animal Sanctuary near Leeds. There have been occasional sightings of these animals, most-recently in Warwickshire with one being photographed on a country lane in Wilthsire back in 2018. The specimen spotted foraging in the woods seemed underperturbed by the interest in its presence and after a few minutes spent nibbling away at the fallen leaves and plants covering ground and grooming itself. The bouncy bundle of white fur bounded off, quickly disappearing into the thickets of the woodland.

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