Where can you watch That ‘70s Show online in the UK?

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Where to watch That ‘70s Show online in the UKAnnamaria DiSanto - Getty Images

With fans rallying around the Netflix series That '90s Show, the newest spin-off to it's '70's predecessor, everyone has the same question: Okay, so where can I watch That 70's Show in the UK?

Well, there's just one small can't. At least, not yet. Whilst our American friends across the way can currently stream the original series on Peacock, we're left twiddling our thumbs and wondering how we can get our nostalgia fill.

It's not gone unnoticed. In fact, fans have since been up in arms about our lack of access to one of our favourite throwback sitcoms.

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Ironically, That '70s Show had a home on Netflix for many years, with the series living on the streaming platform up until September 2020, when it was removed. A strange decision, since at one point the show was reportedly the third-highest streaming sitcom on the platform in the US.

Of course, had we known that we'd now be chomping at the bit to revisit the original Point Place gang, we might have rebelled at the time. Sadly, since the series is currently housed on Peacock, it's unlikely that it'll be coming back to Netflix anytime soon. So, how do we get our hands on it?

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Technically, Peacock is available with a NOW TV subscription, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the series will be available on Peacock's UK equivalent.

Otherwise, if you feel like being really retro about it, then you can buy the complete DVD box set on Amazon, with prices starting from £48.17. With the rising popularity of That '90s Show, we can put some hope in the fact that UK streaming giants will probably be looking to get the series back on our screens.

After all, the positive reactions from fans and critics has made the spin-off an unexpected must-watch, which means that new viewers as well as lovers of the original series will be dying to rewatch the classic antics of Eric, Donna, and the rest. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

But wait, what should you watch in the meantime? Well, you could do like us and simply watch That '90s Show again. And again. And again...

But you might also fancy a change-up, in which case, there's plenty out there that you can currently stream to get your fix of the original cast whilst we wait for any streaming updates. Why not check out Mila Kunis in Luckiest Girl Alive, or Ashton Kutcher's comedy series The Ranch, which is now eight seasons deep, both on Netflix?

Or if it's a hit of decade-induced nostalgia you're after, then how about revisiting the plaid-shirt clad characters of Stranger Things, or the big-haired ladies of Glow?

At least for a while, it'll be the best we can do until we get word of That '70s Show's highly-anticipated return to our screens. We'll just be here, counting down the days...

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