Where are Sally McNeill from Killer Sally's children now?

Netflix's latest true crime documentary Killer Sally has left viewers with lots of questions. Namely: Where is Sally McNeill now? And what happened to her children?

The three-part documentary charts the mum of two's rise to bodybuilding fame, as well as her unhealthy relationship with fellow bodybuilder Ray McNeil, who she shot dead on Valentine's Day in 1995.

Sally has always maintained it was an act of self-defence, but was found guilty of second-degree murder by a jury and sentenced to 25 years in prison. She was released from prison in 2020, and now lives in Northern California, working in a warehouse.

Killer Sally is the first time the now 6o-year-old has spoken out about what happened, alleging Ray was unfaithful and abusive, and was in a steroid-induced rage when he apparently attacked her on the date of his death. Sally also alleges Ray was abusive towards her two children, son John and daughter Shantina, from a previous marriage.

where are sally mcneill from killer sally's children now

Sally's children - a son, John and a daughter, Shantina - both appear in the Killer Sally documentary. John alleges Ray was physically abusive towards him and his sister, and would regularly use violence against them when their mother was out of the house. John was nine and Shantina was 12 when Sally was imprisoned, and after being taken to a care home, they moved in with their maternal grandparents.

But where are Sally's children, John and Shantina, now?

John and Shantina Lowden both joined the military in some capacity after Sally's imprisonment, with John serving five combat tours in Afghanistan and later suffering from PTSD and drug addiction.

where are sally mcneill from killer sally's children now

Shantina worked in electric and electric engineering and jointed the US Army for 16 years, where she toured Afghanistan and Iraq, also suffering from PTSA as a result of her army experience and from being in an abusive relationship.

According to The Cinemaholic, both are now have children and are working in their respective careers. John lives in Texas and has a young son, while Shantina works for an IT network administrator for Defense Logistics Agency. She lives in Georgia with a son of her own.

Both John and Shantina had little contact with Sally while she was in prison, making the 3,000 mile trip to see her approximately once a year. Since her release, they have reconnected, and John walked their mother down the aisle when she wed new husband Norfleet Stewart.

where are sally mcneill from killer sally's children now

Killer Sally is now available to stream on Netflix

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