Where will Prince Harry stay during his coronation visit to the UK?

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Where will Prince Harry stay during his coronation visit to the UK?

King Charles III's coronation is fast approaching and the Royal Family are busy making their arrangements for the big day, including preparing for their important roles and planning their outfits (obvs). And one royal in particular that's doing a lot of planning is Prince Harry, who's travelling from his home in the US to mark the occasion – despite reports that he only intends to stay at the event for two hours.

With so much attention on Harry, fans have been wondering what role (if any) he'll play in the coronation, as well as if he'll appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Other royal fans have also questioned where the Duke of Sussex will stay during his visit, given that he and the Duchess of Sussex (who is not attending) were recently evicted from their UK residence, Frogmore Cottage.

According to a royal expert who spoke to OK!, Harry is thought to be staying at Frogmore Cottage while in the UK for the coronation – which could be the last time he's able to stay at the sought-after property.

where will prince harry stay during his coronation visit
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Frogmore Cottage has a special place in Harry and Meghan Markle's hearts, as they lived their for the first few months of Prince Archie's life, before stepping down as senior royals and moving to the US in 2020. What's more, the location of the property – on the Windsor Estate – makes it the perfect place to stay for the coronation, as Harry can easily travel to London from Frogmore.

Speaking about Harry's travel plans – which have been kept under wraps due to his concerns over safety – royal expert Tessa Dunlop said: "I think Harry will arrive the night before for the coronation. I think security will be closely and tightly choreographed."

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