Where is Malcolm Webster – of Channel 4's Married to a Psychopath – now?

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Photo credit: Daily Record
Photo credit: Daily Record

If, like us, you're addicted to all-things-true-crime (and let's face it, if you weren't, you wouldn't be here) then you'll probably have Channel 4's Married to a Psychopath at the top your list of must-watch docuseries.

Naturally, ahead of watching the two part series, you're probably wondering what exactly Married to a Psychopath is about, what happened to the real life people at the centre of the documentary and, of course, where are they now?

To answer those questions, here's everything you need to know about Married to a Psychopath...

What is Married to a Psychopath about?

Married to a Psychopath (the first episode of which is on Channel 4 at 10pm on Monday 2 May) follows the "never-before-told story" of how rural detective Charles Henry "used his spare time to hunt down and bring Malcolm Webster – a ruthless killer who targeted wealthy women – to justice", according to Channel 4's synopsis.

What did Malcolm Webster do?

As you might (read: definitely) have guessed from the above description, Malcolm Webster is a convicted killer. But, before that he worked as a nurse – which is one of the reasons he was able to hide his crimes, given his "completely plausible and nice" nature, as described by Reece Shearsmith, who played Webster in a 2014 ITV adaption of his crimes.

As for what those crimes were, in 1994 Webster killed his wife Claire Morris just one year after their wedding. Utilising his resources as a nurse, Webster drugged his wife with Temazepam (a sleeping medication that is typically used to treat insomnia) and put her into their car before deliberately crashing it. He then set fire to the car, while Morris was still inside – however, he denied that anyone was in the vehicle when questioned by a passing police officer.

After his wife's death, Webster cashed in on Morris' life insurance policy, receiving a payout of £200,000.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

But, the nurse's shady dealings didn't end there, and he went on to become a serial dater – preying on wealthy women – until marrying his second wife Felicity Drumm in 1997 in New Zealand. Webster and Drumm went on to have a son together, and over the course of their marriage the nurse was found responsible for three house fires, including one at Drumm's parents' home.

One day, the couple were out for a drive when Webster claimed there was a problem with the steering wheel. He swerved the car dangerously between a number of lanes before Drumm grabbed the wheel and discovered there was nothing wrong with it. Following the incident, in 1999, he was accused of attempting to kill his second wife with the intent of cashing in on nine insurance policies, totalling £750,000.

Despite this, Webster returned to Scotland where he managed to romance a number of other women, including Simone Banarjee. Banarjee later went on to detail the lengths the nurse had gone to to cause her harm, recalling one occasion – in her book The Black Widower: The Life and Crimes of a Sociopathic Killer – where her life jacket had been tampered with ahead of a boat trip.

Where is Malcolm Webster now?

In 2009, over a decade after Morris' death, Webster was charged with murder. He was also charged with the attempted murder of Drumm, as well as attempting to illegally marry Banarjee (whilst he was still married to his second wife) in order to gain access to her estate.

Two years later – after the longest ever criminal trial in Scotland – Webster was found guilty of murder, the attempted murder of Drumm, fraud, theft and attempted bigamy. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum sentence of thirty years.

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