Where is Eric's dad in Sex Education season 3?

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Sex Education season 3 is in full swing, but viewers have noticed that one character is mysteriously missing from the new series and they have a *lot* of questions.

The show's latest episodes dropped on Netflix last Friday [17 September] and fans have been quick to share their thoughts on the new season - from the characters they're obsessed with to those they're fed up of.

However, one thing viewers aren't happy about is the mystery disappearance of a key character from season 1: Eric's dad.

Eric's father, simply known as Mr Effiong, played a significant role in season 1 of the show, where we saw his and Eric's relationship blossom as they grew closer. Since then, eagle-eyed fans have spotted that Mr Effiong has been missing from both seasons 2 and now 3 of the show and, naturally, they're wondering what happened to the character.

Taking to Twitter to discuss his whereabouts, one viewer wrote, "I need to understand how Eric’s dad completely disappeared from the storyline." Meanwhile, another added, "Where is eric's dad? I haven't seen him since season 1".

Others also pointed out that Eric's dad's disappearance is particularly sad given the profound scene we saw in season 1 where Eric realised his dad was accepting of his identity.

Photo credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix - Netflix

Still, while there's been no official explanation for Mr Effiong's absence, the reason might simply be to do with a scheduling issue. DeObia Oparei, who plays Eric's dad, has appeared in a number of films and TV series since Sex Education season 1 first aired in January 2019, including Dumbo, Jumanji: The Next Level, Wrath of Man and Loki.

So, it's totally plausible that Oparei could have been working on his other projects while Sex Education seasons 2 and 3 were filming, meaning he wasn't able to take part.

Hands up who wants to see Eric's dad return in season 4?

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