Where does this trending Olivia Rodrigo TikTok sound come from?

Olivia Rodrigo (@livbedumb), and her latest album ‘GUTS’ is not only dominating the charts, but also making waves on TikTok.

‘GUTS,’ released on Sept. 8, recently debuted at No. 1 of the Billboard 200 — making it her second time debuting at No. 1. Rodrigo’s debut album, “SOUR,” also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, with many of its songs quickly becoming viral hits on TikTok.

“GUTS”has 12 tracks spanning just over 39 minutes, yet the few seconds are now a trending sound on TikTok.

On “all-american b****,” Rodrigo sings, “I pay attention to things that most people ignore.” TikTokers took that line to heart and started a trend surrounding the small things they notice and focus on.

Originally, the trend started after TikToker Bella Oggioni (@Bells.og) posted a video with scenes from her life.

“My all-american b**** girlies: how are we doing pretending that everything is fine?” she wrote in the caption.

Other users have followed Oggioni’s lead, as currently, the audio has over 30,000 posts credited to it.

“I memorize the first 3 digits of people’s license plates so I can know when I’m driving by them,” wrote @bl0ndenboujee.

“I notify the entire room when a song on playing was on just dance,” wrote @jennings.culpepper.

Although “GUTS” just came out, ‘all-american b****” isn’t the first song from the album to have a big impact on TikTok. The hit song “vampire” was one of the main singles to come out prior to the album’s release.

TikTokers used the audio from the second chorus to show how their lives had improved over an extended period of time. In the trend, users put together a fast-paced video filled with photos and clips of what their period of self-growth looked like.

Rodrigo herself has also taken part in each of these trends, aside from making the song. She’s posted multiple videos with ‘vampire’ and ‘all-american b****” as the soundtracks, creating a full circle moment.

With Rodrigo’s album starting at the top of the charts and the star participating in viral trends, “GUTS” looks to be a popular for many TikTokers For You pages.

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