Where does the ‘Someone cooked here’ audio come from?

A meme from the famous series Breaking Bad is gaining traction on TikTok, and it features a different definition of the word cook to get its point across.

TikToker Nick Henritze (@ritzecracker) uses a clip from the original episode of the TV series in which drug dealer Walter White (Bryan Cranston) realizes that his partner, Jesse (Aaron Paul), has been cooking drugs in their lab without him.

On Aug. 19, Henritze posted a video with this meme, using it to explain his reaction to seeing a leg-extension machine in the gym with all the weights on it, illustrating how someone was using the machine before him.

“Me after finding the leg extension machine maxed out,” he wrote in the video. Posted alongside his caption is a CapCut template of White saying, “Someone cooked here.”

Currently, over 17,000 videos are credited to this audio, and, like Henrizte, other TikTokers have applied the same suspicious sentiment across different areas of their lives.

“When you enter his room and he has four pillows, a throw pillow, and sheets that aren’t navy blue,” wrote @kateconover2.

“When the first gift he ever got me was the vogue edition from the month & year I was born,” wrote @pheeb511.

For these TikTokers, the actions they’re mentioning were likely inspired by someone else, and many commenters agreed.

“But how did he know to do that,” replied @cbrxght to @pheeb511’s post.

“Maybe his sister suggested it idk,” commented @the.girl.next.door.xox under the same video.

What does cook mean?

While the original clip from Breaking Bad refers to “cooking” meth, there are many definitions of cook/cooked on the internet, with some of the phrases being negative and others positive.

Many times when cook is used on TikTok, it’s in the phrase “Let him cook.” According to Urban Dictionary, letting someone cook is the equivalent to letting somebody do their thing. This phrase was popular around 2020 in NFL culture when Seattle Seahawks fans begged their franchise to let then-quarterback Russell Wilson “cook” with the offense. They wanted to see Wilson have more control and influence over the offense, thus letting him cook.

When it comes to this meme, people are acknowledging the fact that someone taught or influenced the person they are currently in contact with — which means that “they cooked here before.”

TikTokers have shared mixed feelings upon finding out that someone had “cooked” before them, and they’re giving a shout-out to Breaking Bad in the process.

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