ATTN: Kim Kardashian’s Beats are on sale with £60 off

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Buy Kim Kardashian’s Beats by Dre in the salesBeats

Look, we don’t want to create a panic, but we’ve just found a deal to get *very* excited about. All three colours from Kim Kardashian’s viral Beats earphone collection are cheaper than ever in this deal over at Very, dropping down from £219 to a tempting £159; a welcome £60 price cut!

The ultimate fashion and tech crossover, these Beats earbuds – which hit UK shelves back in August – are designed to match the business mogul’s distinct neutral and simple aesthetic. A minimalist’s dream, Kim’s reimagining maintains the superb sound quality of the Beats Fit Pro headphones (which she swears by, btw) in three different versions, all in a different neutral tone.

As we’re sure you recall when Kim announced the buds, these aren’t just the prettiest earbuds you can wear right now, they’re packed full of desirable high-end features. Class-leading noise-cancelling and transparency? They’ve got it. Comfy secure-fit wingtips? Powerful and detailed sound quality? Tick and tick. They’re compatible with both Apple and Android phones too, but they’re powered by Apple’s fancy H1 chip so have a few extra features if you’ve got an iPhone. These include one-tap pairing, hands-free "Hey Siri" support, and automatic switching among your Apple devices.

That’s not all. They also give you up to six hours of continuous listening time, which goes up to 24 hours when you factor in the cute charging case. Another favourite feature? When the battery is low you don’t have to reach for your portable charger, you can refuel your buds for five minutes and get one hour of listening time thanks to the “Fast Fuel charging”. We’re impressed.

Speaking exclusively about the launch in a video on the company's Instagram in August, Kim said: "I was just bringing my creative concept and colour palette to a brand I've always respected and loved. I think I just want people to understand that this is also a fashion accessory that is useful and user-friendly, and it doesn't have to be anything loud. It just can blend in with what you're wearing. It's kind of a statement."

So, whether you're hitting the gym in your SKIMS bodysuit and you've just updated your workout playlist, or you need that noise-cancelling for some blissful silence on your commute, 'Beats x Kim' are where it's at. Now’s the time to grab them - they usually go for well over £200, so this price drop that brings them down to £159 is unmissable. They also make the perfect Christmas prezzie for just about everyone on your list. They’re still not cheap, we know, but the quality of both the sound and the product is so worth it.

*Adds every colour to basket*


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