Introducing the Flamingo: the celebrity pose you'll likely have spotted on Instagram

What is the Flamingo pose celebrities are nailing on Instagram? [Photo: Getty]

Who doesn’t love a good Instagram trend?

Last year we saw halo brows, the return of the mullet and the not so body positive hip cleavage taking over our Insta feeds.

While some are still trying to perfect their ‘Barbie feet’, there’s another social media trend that is quickly gathering pace, thanks largely to Beyonce and co.

Step forward the Flamingo, the new way celebrities are posing on Insta.

Loved by the Insta-set including Winnie Harlow, Hayley Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and Dua Lipa, the pose involves standing on one leg with the other leg bended, you know much like a flamingo.

Beyonce recently shared an image of herself using the Flamingo pose to perfection, while other stars such as Kendall Jenner notched the bird theme up a notch by posing in pink fluffy outfit.

Eva Longoria also shared a twist on the trend, while using the pose during one of her yoga moves.

We’re not sure what the Insta science is behind the Flamingo, but there’s no doubting it does look pretty cute, not to mention flattering.

And considering it is often pretty tricky to know how to pose for a picture without looking totes awks, it’s def worth testing out.

To make things a little easier, you could always try it out while leaning against something - like a wall or a balcony overlooking the sea a la Kendall.

While we work on pulling our best Flamingo, there’s another Instagram pose that’s creating a buzz, but not necessarily for a positive reason.

The “migraine pose,” a term coined by makeup artist Nam Vo, according to Elle, is when a person poses with one or two hands pulling their face up by their temples.

The resulting look appears that a person is holding their head in pain from a migraine.

But migraine sufferers aren’t best pleased about the appropriation about their condition.

Following a protest by sufferers, Vo has since apologised and removed the hashtag from her original post.

“{Hi my Dewey Dumplings, my apologies,” she wrote. “This wasn’t meant to be offensive or hurt anyone’s feelings. I am touched by the personal stories that you have all shared. I love all my Dumplings and want you all to be happy and healthy! Its all about the LOVE.}”