Wham!'s 40th anniversary to be marked with The Singles: Echoes From The Edge Of Heaven collection

Wham! is turning 40 with two special releases for fans credit:Bang Showbiz
Wham! is turning 40 with two special releases for fans credit:Bang Showbiz

Wham!'s 40th anniversary will be marked with the release of 'The Singles: Echoes From The Edge Of Heaven' on July 7.

For the first time, fans of the iconic pop duo - which comprised Andrew Ridgley and the late George Michael - can get their hands on a multi-format set, including a special edition 7-inch vinyl singles carry case containing every hit from their four decades in music; from 1982’s 'Young Guns (Go For It)' to 1986’s 'The Edge Of Heaven'.

The collection also includes, 'WHAM! RAP! (Enjoy What You Do)', 'Bad Boys', 'Club Tropicana', 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go', 'Freedom', 'Last Christmas', 'Everything She Wants' and 'I’m Your Man!'

Meanwhile, 'Wham! The Documentary' is set to arrive on Netflix on July 5.

The film offers "unprecedented access to both George and Andrew’s personal archive including remarkable and never-before-seen footage, alongside rare, candid and previously unheard interviews, WHAM! charts their incredible journey from school friends to superstars."

Earlier this week, a TikTok channel for the 'Club Tropicana' group was launched to bring their music to a new set of fans.

Andrew said: "It’s heart-warming to know that the TikTok generation embrace Wham!’s vibrancy and its appeal to the young and youthful endures.”

George and Andrew met at school and the 60-year-old singer previously admitted he particularly misses doing "ordinary" things with his late pal.

Speaking on TV show 'This Morning', he said: "The last time I saw George was over a game of Scrabble, making up for a humiliating beating the previous week.

"He liked to do ordinary things with his friends. Those moments were the ones I enjoyed the most as well.

"I miss him a lot on occasions. I think anyone who has lost a close friend or relative will understand."

'Wham!' enjoyed huge success in the first half of the 1980s before splitting in 1986. George then went on to enjoy a successful solo career but Andrew felt that the band's progress took them by surprise.

He said: "The scale and speed of our success, I don't think either of us could have anticipated."