We've been putting our bras on wrong

One lingerie label has revealed the correct way to put on your bra [Photo: Getty]
One lingerie label has revealed the correct way to put on your bra [Photo: Getty]

Most of us are aware that we’re probably wearing the wrong bra size. But did you know that you’re also likely to be putting your bra on wrong, too?

One woman shared a label on a new bra she had bought, informing women how to correctly put on the lingerie item.

“@ThirdLove just told [me] I’ve been putting on my bras wrong for twenty years. You probably have, too,” Brittany Packnett tweeted.

San Francisco-based underwear brand ThirdLove says that our tried and tested method of fastening the hooks at the front and doing a good old swivel is plain wrong. It may also be the reason why a lot of bras feel so uncomfortable.

The lingerie label says you should be putting on the bra and reaching behind to do it up on the loosest fastening. Then, each breast should be gathered into the cups in order to ensure maximum support and comfort.

By doing this, you can pretty much guarantee longevity with your bra as you can move to tighter clasps as the bra stretches over time.

ThirdLove also notes that straps should be tightened every other month; something probably none of us do.

The directions have blown some people’s minds. “My whole post-pubescent life has been a lie,” continued the original poster, Brittany Packnett. “The tag that comes on the bra is literally titled, ‘How To Put On a Bra’. I was like, ‘girl bye, I been doing this’ and popped it on. But then I decided to read it… And I was all wrong.”

“If clasping in front and swivelling is wrong, I don’t want to be right,” wrote another astounded woman while yet another commented: “I’m too damn old to change my ways now.”

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