We've All Been Making One Big Mistake When It Comes To Our Cookies

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We've All Been Making One Big Mistake When It Comes To Our Cookies

There's nothing as soul-warming as setting an afternoon aside, and cooking up a batch of your very own chocolate chip cookies. The type that when you break them apart, they ooze chocolatey goodness - well, if you've managed to achieve that, that is.

We don't know about you, but far too often do we find ourselves falling victim to seemingly not gooey, and kind of underwhelming home-baked cookies.

Which is why this chef-approved insider information that we've just discovered couldn't have come at a better time...

Hot off the back of a viral video, @biggerbolderbaking on TikTok has revealed that the key to making the ultimate chocolate cookies is very simply, not using chocolate chips.

Yep! In a tutorial that has now reached over 3.6 million views, @biggerbolderbaking advises against using chocolate chips in your cookies, explaining that they don't melt very well because they have stabilisers in them, and therefore stay the same as when they're initially mixed in.

Instead, they recommend using a chocolate bar as this will ensure a gooey, oozy middle. Crazy, or what?

If you're all about perfecting your cookie creations, then we've got another tip for you! To guarantee perfectly-rounded, gorgeous-looking cookies, go and grab yourself the nearest glass. Once you've got your glass, quite simply place it over the top of your fresh-out-the-oven cookies, and give them a little wiggle. By using a glass on freshly baked cookies, it will mould them into the desired shape.


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