We've Just Discovered A Hack For Getting The Freshest McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

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Look, there's no denying just how much we love a portion of McDonald's McNuggets. But that's not to say that on the rare occasion, we haven't fallen victim to a selection of slightly soggy and barely even warm nuggets. We've all been there, right?

Well luckily for us, we've just discovered a hack that means you get the freshest chicken nuggets possible.

According to @nicaraguanjesus on TikTok, it turns out that by ordering 20 chicken nuggets — rather than four, six or nine — you're more likely to receive the freshest nugs available.

Why? If you order a lesser amount, then kitchen staff may be able to scrape together your order from leftovers. In other words, those chicken nugs may have been sat there a while...

In the video, we get to see what looks like a McDonald's worker pulling out a tray of McNuggets containing around 21 portions — pretty much the exact amount of freshly cooked chicken pieces needed for a 20-nugget sharing box.

Posted just days ago, @nicaraguanjesus's video has already racked up over 630,000 views along with 29,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Need some piping hot fries to go with?

There’s even a hack, that you may or may not already know, that means you can get the freshest fries possible.

Johnny, who runs Instagram account @cakemail, has shared a hack that is so simple, we wonder why we haven’t been doing this the whole time.

He says that if you order fries from McDonald’s and ask for them without salt on, they will be cooked fresh as all the fries that are ready to go will have salt on them already. Genius!