Wetherspoon Is Launching Six New Cocktail Pitchers But Ditching Three Classics

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Wetherspoon

From Delish

Wetherspoon’s cocktail pitchers are the stuff of legends. Many a Cheeky Vimto has been enjoyed on a night out. Admittedly, usually around 12 hours before the hangover from Hell. But YOLO, right?

‘Spoons has some good cocktail pitcher-based news and some bad cocktail pitcher-based news.

The good news is, the pub chain is launching six new cocktail pitchers, and each one sounds, in equal parts, delicious and dangerous.

Firstly, there’s the Kopparberg Strawberry Delight, which is a mix of Kopparberg strawberry and lime cider and gin. Cripes.

Then, how about a Rhubarb Spritz? This is a blend of vodka, Dalston's fizzy rhubarb, lemonade and lime.

Maybe a Hawaiian Pipeline Punch (sounds painful...) is more your jam? It’s a mix of Captain Morgan spiced rum, Captain Morgan Tiki and Monster's Pipeline Punch all served over ice.

Photo credit: Wetherspoon

There's also a Cranberry Breeze on offer, which is a classic mix of cranberry, vodka, lemonade and lime.

Do you like Moscow Mules? Then you’ll be glad to hear Wetherspoon is adding a version to its menu, featuring vodka, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, lemonade and lime.

And finally, a Might Booch cocktail is coming to a ‘Spoons near you. It’s a mix of Remedy Kombucha, raspberry lemonade, soda and lime.

So that’s the good news. The bad news is, it’s been decided that the Ultra Violet, Absolutely Cherry and Long Island Iced Tea cocktail pitchers will all be taken off the menu to make room for the new cocktails. Sorry, fellas.

Wetherspoon’s cocktail pitchers will usually set you back around £6.99, depending on which pub you’re in. And each of these new cocktails also comes by the glass.

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