Wes Anderson Is Always Dressed For A Wes Anderson Film

Tom Banham
Photo credit: Ernesto S. Ruscio - Getty Images

From Esquire

The real world of Wes Anderson is, we imagine, an awful lot like the onscreen world of Wes Anderson. Symmetry abounds. Everything's pastel. And he probably buys his morning coffee from a loquacious fox.

That's probably why Wes Anderson always dresses like he's in a Wes Anderson film. The five-time Oscar nominee takes his characters' costumes seriously, and it's fitting that he'd lavish the same care on his own wardrobe.

In Anderson's cinematic universe, clothing becomes shorthand for character, whether its Margot Tenenbaum's Fendi fur coat (read: decadent, emotionally covered up) or Ralph Fiennes's purple uniform, which like the man inside it remains perfectly pressed even as the world around it collapses. How, then, to read the seersucker number that Anderson wore to longtime collaborator Bill Murray's acting masterclass at the Rome Film Festival?

Photo credit: Daniele Venturelli - Getty Images

For one, it hints at a man with sartorial independence, happy to keep wearing summer's fabrics well into autumn. It's also a nostalgic, perhaps naïve pick for a grown man – candy-stripes tend to be the go-to for ice cream-sellers, not auteurs. Or could it be a sartorial hint to the plot of his next project? The tale, perhaps, of a gelateria-owner who, instead of selling sweet but ultimately unsatisfying treats, yearns to create movies awash in whimsy. We can't be sure. But for now, we'll at least be able to enjoy a suit that's just as eager to try something new.

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