We Were Today Year's Old When We Found Out Penguin Bars Are Just Bourbons Covered In Chocolate

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Photo credit: McVitie's
Photo credit: McVitie's

Who doesn't love a Penguin bar, crunchy, chocolatey AND comes with a smirk-inducing joke on the wrapper. But have you ever wondered that it might taste slightly familiar?

Well, according to the internet, Penguin bars are merely bourbon biscuits covered in chocolate. I KNOW.

Yup, it seems one eagle-eyed biccie fan made the discovery by dipping their Penguin bar into a cuppa to reveal what was really underneath that chocolate-covered coating.

In a video posted on Instagram account @greatbritish.memes, the video showed the evidence of a very suspicious, Bourbon-shaped biscuit hiding in that Penguin wrapper, but people refused to believe it was the truth.

"Na, different taste to a bourbon," wrote one person.

"I feel like they've just dunked a bourbon in tea and said it was a penguin bar," said another.

And it seems this isn't the first time this debate has been bought up. There are Reddit threads dedicated to the subject with hundreds of comments on the matter (could we get any more British?).

But it seems McVitie's has already settled this debate once and for all. Back in 2018, Twitter user @SejBhabra raised the question after hearing radio DJ Chris Moyles discuss the subject live on air.

"I heard @steveallenshow and @ChrisMoyles talk the other day that the Penguin biscuit is just a Bourbon Cream covered in chocolate. I told everyone about this, but no one believes me. Can either of you or @McVities pls settle this once & for all..."

And well, McVitie's certainly came with the goods revealing that the biscuits within the Penguin bar ARE the same as in the bourbon. BUT, the chocolate and filling are different. So there you go, mystery solved.

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Either way, we're obsessed with both, and would be happy to find either in our lunch box!

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