Wendy Williams enters rehab after months of unsettling behavior

Wendy Williams has entered a rehab facility to "manage her overall health issues".

A spokesperson for the troubled TV personality confirmed her decision, revealing that Wendy is "taking some time to focus on her health and wellness as she prepares for a major comeback for the next level in her career with The Wendy Experience Podcast".

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Speaking to The Sun US, they continued: "Ms.Williams is being treated by a team of some of the best doctors in the world. We ask for your prayers and well wishes during this time."

The news comes after a disturbing series of events in recent months including pictures in August that were published showing Wendy publicly passed out in a New York City storefront window, next to a full champagne glass.

In June she had also shared that she has been struggling with lymphedema. Wendy lifted up her lower leg to the camera while appearing on the TMZ podcast, showing that her ankle and lower calf are extremely swollen and painful looking, to explain what the condition is.

Lymphedema is caused by swelling of the body's tissues as a result of the body's drainage system not working as it should. As well as swelling, lymphedema sufferers might notice an aching, heavy feeling, difficulty moving, repeated skin conditions and as Wendy appears to have, hard, tight skin.


Wendy has been battling health issues for some time

Wendy has long had health complications, and Wendy took time off from her talk show in September 2021 due her "ongoing health issues". The show was later cancelled.

She suffers from Graves' Disease, an autoimmune disease that causes hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid and can result in symptoms such as anxiety, hand tremors, heat sensitivity, weight loss, puffy eyes and enlarged thyroid.

She first went public with her diagnosis in February 2018 after revealing she was taking "three weeks of vacation" under doctors' orders. She had been diagnosed 19 years prior.

In September 2021 Wendy caught Covid and was experiencing "serious complications" because of her illness.