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Vivian's Cutout Minidress

Played up by layered necklaces and a handful of bracelets.

We'll Never Forget All of These Iconic Pretty Woman Outfits

Can you believe that it's been 30 years since Pretty Woman first came on the big screen? The Garry Marshall film will forever go down in history for its many amazing style moments. Our minds instantly flashed to a young Julia Roberts, posing on the movie's set with Marshall in one of her character Vivian Ward's most memorable outfits. But while that cutout tank dress with a single ring at the midriff will always be a fan favorite, there are plenty more looks Mr. Marshall brought to fruition. From the glamorous red gown Edward dresses Vivian in for a night on the town to the miniskirt and crisp white blouse she wears on their shopping trip, read on to see the costumes we'll never forget from every fashion girl's favorite 1990 film.


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