Welcome To Eden season 2: Everything we know so far

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Social media can't stop talking about Spanish dypstopian-thriller Welcome To Eden, which follows four teenagers invited to an exclusive party on a secret desert island, thrown by a new drink brand. After things take a turn, the group uncover secrets and lies hidden among the dangerous community, and the series ends on a serious cliffhanger.

Does that mean Welcome To Eden season two is coming? Here's what we know about a potential follow-up, from a potential release date to cast, trailer and more.

Has Welcome To Eden season two been announced?

Sadly there's been no news from Netflix to confirm a second season is definitely happening. The first season of the thriller dropped on 6 May 2022 and shot straight into the Top 10 most-watched shows in the UK, among the likes of Heartstopper and Anatomy Of A Scandal. So fingers crossed that's a good sign!

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Who stars in Welcome To Eden season two?

As the follow up season hasn't been announced, we can't say who stars in it for sure. But what we do know is that the characters who died in season one - Albert Baró (Aldo), Ana Mena (Judith), Berta Vázquez (Claudia) and Alex Pastrana (Ulises) - are unlikely to be back, but the others from season one who might be include:

  • Amaia Aberasturi - Zoa

  • Tomy Aguilera - Charly

  • Diego Garisa - Ibón

  • Berta Castañé - Gaby

  • Joan Pedrola - Orson

  • Carlos Soroa - Eloy

  • Jonathan 'Maravilla' Alonso - Saúl

  • Lola Rodríguez - Maika

  • Guillermo Pfening - Erik

  • Dariam Coco - Eva

  • Amaia Salamanca - Astrid

  • Belinda - África

  • Begoña Vargas - Bel

  • Sergio Momo - Nico

  • Irene Dev - Alma

  • Claudia Trujillo - Brenda

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

What happened at the end of Welcome To Eden season one?


The end of season one sees Aldo shot and killed by Brenda, after he hatches a plan to try and escape, while Ben and Nico also have a brutal altercation. Zoa, Charly, and Ibón hope to board a boat bringing a number of unaware partygoers to the island in an attempt to leave. Things are looking promising when they get hold of diving suits, only for the ultimate curveball to come Zoa's way: she notices her sister Gaby is among the new guests arriving at the island. The season one finale ends as Zoa has to make an almighty decision - does she leave the island and save herself, or stay to protect her sister?

What is Welcome To Eden season two's expected release date?

As it hasn't been confirmed, we can't say for sure, but we don't anticipate it will be in the next year considering it likely hasn't even been filmed yet. Damn.

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