Weirdest places Brits have had sex, from rollercoasters to bus stops

Sex outdoors gave people an adrenaline rush. (Getty Images)
Sex outdoors gave people an adrenaline rush. (Getty Images)

Forget the bedroom, adventurous Brits have found far more exciting places to have sex.

A new study has revealed that more than two thirds of UK adults have had sex somewhere other than at home in bed, at least once in their lives (71%).

Apparently, in a car and in a swimming pool are the most popular places to have sex.

While ‘on theme park rides’, ‘at bus stops’ and ‘behind police stations’ are amongst some of the weirdest locations Britons have admitted to doing the deed.

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Almost a third of people admitted having sex in a public place. (Getty Images)
Almost a third of people admitted having sex in a public place. (Getty Images)

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When respondents were asked about the locations of their most memorable romantic rendezvous, 66% said they did it outdoors and a further third confessed that they had sex in a public place (29%).

Of all the hotspots Britons admitted to having sex at or in, both ‘in a car’ (89%) and ‘in a swimming pool’ (78%) came out on top as the most popular places.

However, when asked to list the most unusual locations, some even admitted to doing the deed in church.

An additional 46% of UK adults even admitted that they had previously been caught in the act, with friends (61%), parents (55%) and strangers (33%) cited as the usual, unfortunate witnesses.

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Additionally, asked why respondents enjoyed sex outdoors specifically, more than half stated that the ‘experience was freeing’ (91%), while ‘having sex outdoors feels natural’ was the next most popular response given.

A further 62% of UK adults went as far to say that their sexual relationships strengthened as a result of having sex outside of their own homes.

Tracey Coates, Relationship Expert at, said she wasn't surprised that people were becoming more adventurous.

She said: “Although it might come as shocking news for most people, we’re unsurprised that Britons are actively choosing to have sex outside of their homes. It’s clear from the survey that many UK adults are wanting a more adventurous and vibrant sex life and by taking sex away from the private sphere within our homes, it becomes exciting, empowering and freeing!

“While it might initially be considered ‘against the grain’ to partake in sexual activity alfresco-style, it’s actually a lot more common than you first think and it isn’t taboo – or at least definitely shouldn’t be!”