Mum and daughter unrecognisable after incredible 83kg weight loss

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Cali and mum Jaime have lost a combined 83kg
Cali and mum Jaime have lost a combined 83kg. Photo: Supplied/Jaime Allison

A mum and daughter duo have completely turned their lives around and look unrecognisable after losing a combined 83kg - and it’s all thanks to a unique form of exercise.

Jaime Allison and Calista Jean Jones had ballooned on the scales after too much snacking, junk food, and binge eating left them both overweight.

But when a friend invited the pair from Trussville, Alabama, to a Jazzersize class in January 2016, something clicked.

“I knew I had to change the way I ate after starting Jazzercise,” Jaime, who tipped the scales at 109kg, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The 41-year-old mum says she felt “terrible” and “unhappy” and knew her daughter was following her down the same unhealthy path.

“I didn’t want to start Jazzersize at first, I was so apprehensive and embarrassed to stand in front of other ladies as overweight as I was,” Jaime admits. “But after that first class, Cali and I were both hooked.”

Jaime Allison and daughter Cali after a jazzersize class
The pair did a Jazzersize class and haven't looked back. Photo: Supplied/Jaime Allison

But while exercising started to become part of their routine, Jaime reveals she was still struggling to lose weight. And so the mum decided to join Weight Watchers.

“Now I’m all about portion control, weighing measuring and tracking every bite,” she tells us. “I’ve learned I have to fuel my body and fuel it right.”

Within a year Jaime managed to lose a huge 40kg and has since been able to maintain her weight at a healthy 69kg.

Jaime Allison went from 109kg to 69kg.
Jaime has now lost 40kg. Photo: Supplied/Jaime Allison

Jaime says she is glad she could set a good example for 19-year-old Cali, who at the time weighed 93kg.

“Cali would watch me closely,” Jaime says. “She had struggled with her weight too. I never told her that she needed to change anything but just tried to be a good example for her.

“It was the neatest thing watching her take back her health and do it for her. Making changes to the way we both ate and becoming active with Jazzercise.”

And the changes were also a success for Cali.

She’s now dropped an incredible 43kg and is feeling much more confident in her body. So much so, that she’s actually become a Jazzersize instructor.

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Cali Jazzersize instructor
Cali on Jazzersize instructor duties. Photo: Supplied/Jaime Allison

Jaime agrees the biggest change for her since losing weight has been regaining her confidence.

“I can honestly say that I feel good in my skin,” she says. “Not perfect but loving the process. I can do things I never thought I could do. Being healthy has saved my life and my daughter’s. Nothing feels better.”

The mum says there is nothing better than having her daughter by her side throughout their journey, as they can both push each other and keep each other accountable.

“We are a team, helping each other, making good food choices and keeping each other on point,” she says.

“Our bond is something special that I would never trade. I always wanted her to look up to me and now I feel like we both inspire each other.”

Jaime Allison and Cali weightloss transformation
The mum and daughter are more confident than ever. Photo: Supplied/Jaime Allison

For anyone looking into other ways of getting active and potentially losing some weight Jaime definitely recommends Jazzersize. But adds the key is finding something that you love do.

“Take one day at a time. Find your thing, stick to it, be consistent and love the journey,” she adds.

“It’s not easy. Love yourself through the ups and downs. Find joy in getting healthier, stronger, happier. It’s worth it I promise!”

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