Are the weight loss jabs soon to be available in pharmacies helpful or harmful?

Experts discuss the pros and cons of the new weight loss jabs, which will soon be available to be bought over the counter.

Credit: @GMB Via Twitter / 'Good Morning Britain', ITV

Video transcript

- Let's go over to Tam Fry, because this is something that you welcome, isn't it? But there are concerns about whether it is the magic bullet that it would seem and whether it's just saying to people, actually, you don't need to make an effort, you don't need to change your lifestyle or worry about what you eat, because you've got this drug at the end of the day that you can take that will help you out.

TAM FRY: Well, I welcome it, but I welcome it only for the severely obese. The thought that anybody can pop into Boots or another chemist and just buy it over the counter appalls me. For those people who are severely obese, it is a wonder drug. It will lose a huge amount of weight. You need to be on it for some time, and you need to have not just a normal GP input, if I put it that way.

You need to have a GP who has got a weight loss training experience and knows about it. So it's not just as easy as buying it over the counter, you've got to have proper consultation, you've got to have proper supervision, and it's going to be for a long time. But it is a game-changer.