Weigh your options: These cool bathroom scales will inspire you to step up

10 bathroom scales where form meets function (Photo: Getty)

People have funny relationships with scales. You want one, but then you don’t. You weigh yourself every day for a month and then refrain for a year. But no matter how you feel about scales, every household needs one. And since scales often live out in the open, it would be nice if they were easy on the eyes.

We weighed the options and chose 10 scales with various strong suits. Many measure weight and that’s about it (but sometimes that’s all you want); others offer info like body mass index and bone density. Some are tiny and meant for travel; others feature extra-wide standing areas.

From a bamboo beauty to a souped-up powerhouse that wirelessly sends info to your phone, you’re sure to find your scale soulmate below.

American Weigh Bamboo Backlit Digital Scale

American Weigh Bamboo Backlit Digital Scale. (Photo: Amazon)

Made of bamboo, a naturally antimicrobial material, this spa-like scale adds warmth to that cold, hard bathroom floor. It also provides instantaneous results—no more tapping with your toes. Hooray!

Rave Review: “Very pleased with both product and service. This scales is easy to read, easy to use, has a great appearance and works well in a small space. Couldn't ask for more!”

Shop it: American Weigh Bamboo Backlit Digital Scale, $22 (Was $30), amazon.com

Precision Digital Body Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology

Precision Digital Body Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology. (Photo: Amazon)

At less than 11 x 11 inches, this preppy polka-dot number is perfect for small spaces. With a nice big screen and a glossy-meets-matte design, it’s simple yet striking.

Rave Review: “I've finally got a scale that isn't annoying - I've had several scales from various stores and they all invariably give a different weight almost every time I step on. I could step on and off four or five times in a row and get three or four different weights - and not just by a fraction but by a pound or more. This one is different! It weighs consistently every time. It came with little extra pads to level it, which seems like an indication that it is well made and so, likely to be more accurate. I like the look and it's a bit bigger than the chain store ones. And it did not cost any more than I've paid in those stores. Overall, I have to say this is the best scale, by far, that I've ever owned. I highly recommend it.”

Shop it: Precision Digital Body Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology, $14, amazon.com

iDoo Digital Bathroom Scale

Who needs a marble vanity when you can have a marble scale? (We just saved you thousands on that reno.) This design—swirls set behind tempered glass—is sleek and sophisticated and features an extra-wide platform for those with balance issues (or big feet).

Rave Review:  “I was a bit concerned the marble look I was so drawn to would be cheap and cheesy looking in person but it isn’t. The coloring is behind the glass and it looks exactly as pictured. The LED display is huge and so easy to read there is no guessing even without my glasses. The platform is very wide so there is no awkward ‘feet together’ balancing act. It is thin, sleek, elegant, and yet undoubtedly durable.”

Shop it: iDoo Digital Bathroom Scale, $24 with on-page coupon, amazon.com

Salter Professional Analog 400LB Capacity Bathroom Scale

Salter Professional Analog 400LB Capacity Bathroom Scale. (Photo: Amazon)

If the thought of changing a teeny-tiny battery gives you the shakes, this old-school analog scale is your new best friend. With a deliciously big dial (6.5 inches) and a roomy, cushy landing for your feet, it’s a hands-down winner.

Rave Review: “All I want, when I step on the scale, is to get my weight, as accurately as possible. Don't need my body fat, don't need my bone density, don't want to have to put in batteries, don't need the day, date or my fortune, just my weight, within 1/2 a pound or so. Oh, and I have to be able to read the scale as well.

This product does just that. That's all it does, but it does it very well. Thank you, Salter.”

Shop it: Salter Professional Analog 400LB Capacity Bathroom Scale, $52 (Was $57), amazon.com

Digital Body Fat Weight Scale by GreaterGoods

Weight doesn’t tell the whole story. To really know how out of shape you are, you need more information. This scale measures weight, BMI (body mass index), body fat, muscle mass, hydration, and bone density…all for a reasonable price. It can store the info of eight users and sense which person has stepped on it. How? Magic.

Rave Review: “Love this scale [even if I don’t always lover the numbers it shows :)]. I set it for my wife and me, and it shows all the info that i’m looking for. Plus it’s very consistent. I think it’s accurate, as it appears close to what I expected, but even if it’s not completely accurate, it’s consistent, which is what I was looking for. Then I can see how weight, BMI, etc. vary and set some goals based on its readings. Also, very easy to read. Much easier than the non-digital scale I was using and weight appears more consistent than on the older scale; plus the additional information.”

Shop it: Digital Body Fat Weight Scale by GreaterGoods, $25, amazon.com

American Weigh Scales BodigiEssential Wireless Scale

This snazzy scale measures your weight and BMI (body mass index), then wirelessly sends it to an app on your phone so you can track your metrics. Backlit LCD screen for dim-lit readings.

Rave Review: “It seems to be very accurate and it was priced right, so far I’m happy with my purchase.”

Shop it: American Weigh Scales BodigiEssential Wireless Bathroom Scale Black, $31 (was $43), walmart.com

FitBit Aria 2 Wifi Smart Scale

This smart scale works with your FitBit account, using Wifi to send your info (weight; BMI—body mass index; lean mass; body fat percentage) to your FitBit dashboard, where you can see your metrics in the form of charts and graphs (ooh!). It’s designed to withstand humid bathrooms, so feel free to crank up the heat.

Rave Review: “Great scale, easy and convenient. Being able to track your weight goals is essential and this product makes it fool proof. This scale is especially beneficial for those who are looking to maintain a certain weight.”

Shop it: FitBit Aria 2 Wifi Smart Scale, $129, walmart.com

Taylor Digital 350LB Capacity Mini Scale/Expandable Read Out

Taylor Digital 350LB Capacity Mini Scale/Expandable Read Out. (Photo: Amazon)

Don’t leave home without it! Whether you want to toss your scale into a gym bag or a suitcase, this mini unit (9 x 5 inches) with a pop-up screen will survive the trip.

Shop it: Taylor Digital 350LB Capacity Mini Scale/Expandable Read Out, $24, amazon.com

Famili 271B Bathroom Scale Digital Body Weight Scale

Famili 271B Bathroom Scale Digital Body Weight Scale. (Photo: Amazon)

Your feet will appreciate the non-slip grippy surface and dot treads; your eyes will appreciate the extra-large numbers on the easy-to-read display.

Rave Review:I absolutely love this scale! I looked long and hard for a scale that was not made of tempered glass and this fit the bill. I was afraid the blue would not look good in my bathroom but it is dark... a deep midnight blue and is very attractive. I also love the width of this scale.... no tottering around. You don't need to step on and then off and then back on again once you have it in place. It is comfortable on my feet, very sturdy and accurate. All in all, I would heartily recommend this scale.”

Shop it: Famili 271B Bathroom Scale Digital Body Weight Scale, $20, amazon.com

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