Your Weekly Horoscope, September 27th to October 3rd: An Explosion of Changes Will Happen

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This weekly horoscope will bring sweeping changes into your life, which will help you grow. Mercury enters inquisitive Scorpio on September 27th. That same day, Venus, which is in Leo, aligns with the Nodes of Destiny, which will bring romance and money to you. Venus and Mars, which is retrograde in Aries, softly connect on September 28th and will bring your passions to life. Mars retrograde and Saturn square off on the 29th, which will create massive power struggles between you and others as well as the need for dominance.

Saturn ends its nearly five-month retrograde journey on September 29th, bringing order and structure to your life. The full harvest moon in Aries will occur on October 1st, allowing you to put your individual needs first and develop your personal relationship with yourself. And finally, Venus enters Virgo on October 2nd, adding practicality to financial and romantic matters.

Scroll below to read your weekly horoscope. Make sure to look at your rising sign, too.


Your passions are now ignited. Instead of asserting your intense gaze and vibe onto others and starting arguments, use that vigor on yourself. It’s a wonderful time to start a new hobby (in addition to recommitting to an old one) or a personal passion project that you’ve put on the sidelines for some time.


All work and no play can make you feel restless. However, if you allow yourself a moment—or even several—to engage in romance or pleasure, then you will feel as though you’re living up to your truest vibe. Chill out and the fun will come your way this week.


You’re finding that your workload never ends, which is making you thirst for some quality time to de-stress and relax. Plan a day when you can ignore your emails and incoming calls and texts and veg out. This will prove to be the best medicine and remedy for your ongoing professional frustrations.


It’s been a long time since you’ve reached out and connected with your family. Have a familial chat this week. You don’t have to get super intimate with them, but it’ll be nice to spend time talking and feeling their love. Even having a laugh with them will be fun.


Money is kind of a funny matter for you at the moment. While it comes and it goes, it never flows and doesn’t remain in your bank account. Start saving your pennies for a rainy day to avoid the end-of-the-month monetary frustrations when it comes to paying bills.


For the first time in a long time, you are finally speaking your mind and the full truth. Rather than holding in your feels, you’re starting to let them all come out. Don’t hold back your emotions now. Be upfront and let your squad know exactly what’s on your mind.


Your intimate relationships are making you feel slightly off-balance this week. There’s just a lot of distance that’s happening due to both of your busy schedules. Finding a sweet spot with either your boo or friends that allows you to restore the peace and connect is challenging—but it's necessary this week.


There’s some shady business happening in your friend circle. You may feel as though your crew isn’t giving you full-on support, and, to be honest, it’s hurting your feelings. Don’t let this brew and fester on the inside. Talk things out with your squad to make peace with them and with yourself.


You are a know-it-all who sometimes doesn’t actually know it all. Before you argue your points (which may prove to be faulty) throughout the week, do your due diligence and research your points to ensure you’re not arguing over moot matters. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary confrontations with those you care about.


You’re constantly evolving and transforming your inner vibe, and now you are augmenting your career goals. What you once wanted to create you are now wanting to adjust and change. Think your objectives through before fully committing to new professional endeavors and projects. Then, success will be yours—100% guaranteed!


Your mind is running a mile a minute, which is making you spike with anxiety. Before you make impulsive choices or speak without thinking, take a step back to assess your communication. This will save you drama this week.


Your head is in the clouds these days. You are spending more time dreaming and thinking about your new crush than on other activities and duties. Don’t spend so much time lost in a sentimental and tender mood that you forget to pay your bills or return your friends' calls.

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