Your weekly horoscope (May 8th)

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 (Farzad Mohsenvand / Unsplash)
(Farzad Mohsenvand / Unsplash)


Sometimes you have to ruffle a few feathers to cut through the office politics. Rather than using childish, pedantic measures to claim what you’re owed, take a moment to come up with a cunning strategy.


Where haven’t you been respecting your core values? Before you say yes to that shiny opportunity or collaboration, make sure that both you and any potential new work pals are on the same page.


Dig deep and seek out the fuel you’ve had stored away for a rainy day to free any creative blockages. You’ll be capable of many bold new moves, some of which may even take you by surprise.


An inner reckoning might be the explosive turning point that allows you to let go of any old scripts dictating where you think you should be, leaving you free to move on and treasure exactly where you are.


If you feel like you’re not being adored and Dior’ed, then this is the prime time to state your needs and to let go of the shackles making you feel unworthy. Now is the moment to step into your unapologetic Eartha Kitt era.


Feeling like you’ve been overlooked for what you bring to the table? Stop right there! Don’t extend yourself even more. In fact, take a minute to ask yourself: can they meet you where you’re at?


Right now, you’re able to sniff out what connections are real and which ones are faux. Praise those who’ve walked through the fire with you and dodge the people who are simply monitoring your moves.


Feeling a little restless? It’s probably because you’ve been dragging your feet on that important decision. The voice inside your head will keep chasing you until you pick up the phone and have the conversation.


Imposter syndrome might be taking you out for a spin, but don’t play along. A new career succession is underway. Make sure you stay ready so that you don’t have to pack at the last minute.


You might find yourself looking back at past chapters where you feel you’ve been wronged, but before you begin a whole new villain era, think about the consequences. Wouldn’t you rather be making leaps forward?


There’s no time for you to hide like a wallflower, you’re being called to the fore. With your quick wit and rebellious nature, you’re primed to flip the storyline on anyone who has slotted you into a box.


Dig deep: it’s time to pay what you owe. And that doesn’t necessarily have to mean money, either. Follow up on your promises. You don’t want people questioning your intentions or your trustworthy nature.