Your weekly horoscope (March 13th)

 (Corbis via Getty Images)
(Corbis via Getty Images)


Go on, do the thang. Yes, you may feel like you’re about to have your eyebrows done for the first time, but genuine growth comes from strapping into the front seat of your life. Airbags will be provided.


How do you encounter a new lover in your loftiest fantasies? Watch out, because your meet-cute is coming. Look up the next time you’re being a klutz because a new romance could have you at ‘hello’.


Lay the past to rest and throw a ceremonial soirée to celebrate. How can small acts of self forgiveness restore your vision of the future? Get a Martini to your lips and your thoughts down on paper.


Remember when Bey said ‘let me upgrade you’? Now’s the time to apply such logic to your personal mission statement. Wriggle out of that dead-end job and take a big step towards your highest aspirations.


If your work environment is channelling the same vibes as your toxic ex, then this is the moment to set appropriate boundaries. In the name of the Leo superstar Dua, you’re almost ‘so moved on, it’s scary’.


Any vulnerabilities in your one-on-one bonds may be due a climatic renewal. Anything left unsaid is due to be exposed — although this could be the remedy you’ve been waiting for. Allow that trust to bloom.


It’s high time that you let go of any people-pleasing tendencies and focus on your one true love: yourself. Your happily-ever-after isn’t in a far, distant land, it’s waiting for you right here in front of you.


Forget about the calories: sprinkle sugar in the right places and the return may be more than your initial investment. Strategic manoeuvring in your network could make for a vital introduction.


Been gallivanting around, conquering new lands? Take a pause. When was the last time you went back to your roots? It’ll be tricky to have a clear view of what’s next if you forget times gone by.


Some of history’s greatest success stories come from those who chuck out the societal script, so now’s your chance to do the same. Although steer clear of any Musk-style Twitter antics.


Are you Harry Houdini? Because you’re in for an impressive escape. Being lost doesn’t always mean you’ve been going in the wrong direction. As Doc would say, where you’re going, you don’t need roads.


Don’t buy into rigid guidelines, it’ll only dim your creative shine. If you water down your idea to tick a box, your breakthrough could be at risk. There’s only one version of you, so claim it.