Your weekly horoscope! Hello Sagittarius season...

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Hello there, cowboy. As you ride out into the night, make peace with where you’ve been. As you get ready to lasso your future, look back with confidence. A little hope will help you keep your eyes on the prize.


It’s time to embrace Wonder Woman-levels of strength to liberate yourself from last season’s dodgy patterns and stale environments. Seeking comfort will only soothe you temporarily, so don’t let this moment go to waste.


Are each of us the dastardly villain in someone else’s story? The atmos in your relationship zone may be a tad tense at the mo, but don’t let rumours mess with you. Hold your head high and ride the wave.


Pop your cossie on and hop in the river — it only flows one way, and your job is to float with the current. Take the path of least resistance and you’ll save precious time and energy to prepare for a new cycle.


When was the last time you had a big old belly laugh? Drink from the naughty cup and quell any thoughts that risk interfering with your fabulously grand plans. Though remember: be childlike, not childish.


Chill out, speedy Gonzales. Your wheels are turning at rapid speed and you may have missed the memo advising a measured approach. Put your phone on DND to avoid any major drama.


Er, who says you can’t have it all? Toss your own brand of glitter on a variety of canvasses, because you have the momentum to get them noticed. Don’t forget to call forth your favourite collaborators for help.


Spandex on, please. To cross the threshold into an expansive new passage, raise your heart rate then stretch and surrender to your physical senses. Health is wealth, and the more you buy into it the higher you can climb.


Clear your schedule because your commitments are due a review. Those issues you’ve been avoiding are starting to stink, but it’s only because you’ve been too distracted to look at the cold, hard facts.


Hold up, press pause for a sec. Take a step back and assess if your efforts are yielding solid results. Oh, they’re not? Bin off empty obligations and shallow dreams. Make like Monty Don and build from the roots up.


Just call yourself Mystic Meg, because you’ve got your hands on the crystal ball that’ll tell you how to orchestrate your destiny. Shred any doubts to take full control over your industry disruptive enterprise.


That psychedelic dream is more valuable than you think. You’ll now have fresh eyes to see through illusions standing in your career path. Find new ways to commit to your goals to come out better and wiser.