Your weekly horoscope (27th-31st March)

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)


Your internal hard drive may be hit by an emotional cyber attack from a disgruntled bot. The only way to debug your software is by choosing not to play the same game. Ctrl-alt-delete!


The more you stay true to your last batch of quarterly goals, the less you’ll be distracted by low-hanging fruit. Don’t be the victim of an attention deficit casualty and politely decline any short cuts.


A light bulb moment will pause any mental gymnastics concerning your intimate connections. If the relationship itself has you tied in knots, it could be a good time to ask yourself if it’s worth it.


Slather on the lippy because you’re set to be the dazzling protagonist in all the right rooms. Though be careful not to get lost in the sauce, you could run the risk of gambling more than just your cool.


If the invitations you’ve been accepting lately make you feel as though you must perform, now is the time to abandon the shallow and vain. Figure out where you’d rather sit comfortably


Don’t be the fall guy at work. Instead, take the lead to command the direction of travel. Even if they hide behind their words, they can’t hide behind a paper trail. A shrewd approach will work wonders.


Champers, please! There’s reason to celebrate when it comes to work. With boosted confidence, you’re winning big in the boardroom. Figuring out your new aspirations will give you renewed motivation.


For the first time this year, it may become clear where you have been placing yourself in compromising positions. Drop the shackles of your own confinement and don’t be afraid of a new transition.


Passive aggressive approaches could sneak into your relationship, but it’s important that you contain the emotional spillage. Cut through the fluff with razor sharp communication to draw a line in the sand.


Forgive yourself for all the times you’ve traded your personal needs for unfulfilling popularity in the office. This is the defining moment when you finally make your authentic debut, so sing your heart out.


Your creativity is too wild and free to be squeezed into rigid templates. Before the week closes, you’ll unmask the true voice running through your work and it will feel like a celebratory homecoming.