Your weekly horoscope!

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Believe it or not, now is not your time to shine (for once). You can still direct drama from behind the curtain, so play it safe and remember that when you take a step back it’s easier to figure out optical illusions.


When was the last time you vocalised your needs to your nearest and dearest? The time is now. It may all feel a tad Kat Slater to begin with, but when you set the record straight all will fall into place.


Someone get the Bolly in, because something in your career realm is on the cusp of blossoming and it’s set to tease out more of your brilliance. Think big to unlock a new realm of meaningful growth.


Been investing in some major TLC? You’re about to reap the rewards on the main stage. Slip on your slinkiest number and let the confidence that’s been hiding steal the show. No jazz hands though, please.


It’s time to get ruthless. Ditch the rigmarole of schmoozing in superficial circles and kiss fake friends goodbye. True and false mix like oil and water, so look a touch harder and you’ll see what’s what.


We all know you’re too picky to secure a match on Love Is Blind, though you might want to pop on your rose-tinted specs just once. Who said delusion can’t be a poetic experience?


Before you indulge in a fresh slice of Lily Vanilli’s finest, be sure to polish off what you’ve started. Double down on the potent elixirs that got you in this cosmic groove and maintain your daily routine.


Be a diva. Throw in the towel on anything that doesn’t feel like a tropical rendezvous. Though as you enter this all-encompassing exotic phase, be mindful that you don’t drive into a ditch of megalomania.


Call your landlord, that leak you botched with gaffer tape is about to explode. Whatever you’ve been ignoring is about to cause a flood, so reconcile the past with the present. Your future depends on it.


Hazards on, please. This week, your blind spots might cause communication issues. The only way to know is to sit back and observe. And beware: a trickster might try to pull a double bluff.


Your journey towards higher evolution might engulf you in a couple of grisly bushtucker trials, but that doesn’t mean you have to be as pathetic as Matt Hancock. Strategy and an XL dose of bravery will counter confusion.


Babes, now is the time to indulge your creative impulses. To make an even bigger impact than usual (alrighty, not that kind of impact, this time), pull out all the stops and watch yourself surge to the top.