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Sale extended! This genius robot weeds your garden for you — and Amazon whacked $100 off for Memorial Day

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We all know that gardening can be back-breaking work. While it's great to reap what we sow, especially fresh veggies, the dreaded weeding is what deters many of us from confronting the tangled chaos in our backyards. It's hard on your back, knees and hands. And who has the time? Well, your gardening prayers have been answered: The Tertill Garden Weeding Robot — from the creators of that indoor miracle worker, Roomba — will make short work of those pernicious backyard menaces. And to help you start off yard season the right way, it's currently a whopping $100 off on Amazon if you click the on-page coupon. Can you say "amazing Memorial Day sale?"


Tertill Garden Weeding Robot

Save $100 with coupon
Life's too short to spend a millisecond of it hunched over yanking up botanical interlopers — leave it to the robot!
Save $100 with coupon
$249 at Amazon

This little dynamo — it can patrol 200 square feet of garden during a typical 1-to-2-hour stint — does all of the tedious toiling for you by preventing weeds to begin with. Ideally, you want to begin your Tertill regimen with a weed-free garden. Then, once you've planted your seeds and flowers, just let this baby go and forget it. How, you ask?

The Tertill has wheels designed to churn and till the dirt, deterring those pesky weeds from taking root. If they do make their way to the surface, it senses any small sprouts beneath it and trims, so those weeds never stand a chance. If it encounters a plant that's taller than its sensors, it knows not to cut and turns away, protecting your precious tomatoes. Just done your sowing for the season? No problem. It comes with plant guards, so you can surround your seedlings with a bumper so it knows not to disturb their formative days.

This is a healthy, environmentally sound way to protect your plants, especially those veggies meant for consumption. No more carcinogenic chemicals — just good old-fashioned trimming. A bevy of sensors educates it about your garden as your plants grow. You never have to think about weeding again, as the power of the sun charges this baby and keeps it running all summer long. We love set-it-and-forget-it devices!

Tertill weeding bot
Let the sun power the growth of your beloved seedlings and the weeding bot protecting them. (Photo: Amazon)

Reviewers are saying great things about this clever weeder: "My backyard BFF," one gushed. "It’s amazing! I love gardening and so look forward to watching everything grow on its own. I just had hip replacement surgery and not able to bend over a lot. I’m so excited to watch my garden grow with little effort."

A few simple rules: Keep Tertill corralled with a four-inch-minimum border so it doesn't go astray, and plant your veggies and flowers a foot apart on a fairly flat surface to give it room to work. Make sure there are no large rocks or nuts, and then...release the robot!

Additional accessory kits and weed-whacking strings are available for purchase, so stock up now during this Memorial Day sale to save yourself some money, a ton of aggravation and a trip to the chiropractor.

Said another happy customer: "No more back-breaking weeding for me. Got my Tertill and I'm ready to go. I have a large garden, so I'm hoping for a second Tertill for Father's Day."


Tertill Garden Weeding Robot

Save $100 with coupon
You've heard of Roomba, but have you tried Weeda? I'm kidding, but this little guy can police up to 200 square feet of garden space.
Save $100 with coupon
$249 at Amazon

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