Wednesday Addams fans are obsessed with this part of the Netflix show

wednesday adams fans are obsessed with one part of netflix show
Wednesday Addams fans obsessed with one part Netflix

Wednesday, the new Addams family series on Netflix, dropped on Wednesday (of course), and fans are all obsessed with Jenna Ortega's performance.

The Netflix original is a based on the iconic gothic family, focussing on daughter Wednesday, with the official synopsis explaining, "Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside, Wednesday Addams investigates a murder spree while making new friends — and foes — at Nevermore Academy."

The series sees Wednesday attempting to master her psychic abilities while solving the mystery involving her parents from 25 years prior. Unsurprisingly, the show shot straight into the 10 most-watched things on the streaming platform, with many viewers taking to social media to share their obsession with actor Jenna Ortega as Wednesday.

wednesday adams fans are obsessed with one part of netflix show

As one put it, "I can't even find the words to express how amazing this is #wednesdaynetflix" Another said, "I’m sorry but I’m completely obsessed with Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams."

Others put, "NEW GENERATION'S WEDNESDAY ADDAMS. THANK YOU JENNA ORTEGA" and "She really gave it her all playing Wednesday Addams. I hope she gets all the recognition she deserves."

Slay. Jenna recently opened up to The Face about the effort that went into perfecting playing Wednesday - specifically her hair. "We’d been trying to perfect Wednesday’s braids," the 20-year-old actor explained. "We were two hours behind because [director Tim Burton] kept coming over and saying: “No, that’s wrong. No, this isn’t straight enough.”

"They were shaving the back of my neck to create the perfect line. They were cutting my hair on the day – there were hair and make-up artists cutting new extensions in the trailer as we were speaking and as we were shooting."


Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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