When can weddings go ahead after lockdown?

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Photo credit: JovanaT - Getty Images

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The coronavirus pandemic has been crap in so many ways, for so many different people. One such group is brides and grooms-to-be, whose plans to get married have been disrupted due to the danger of COVID spreading among large groups.

Today in Parliament, Boris Johnson set out the government's plans to bring the UK out of lockdown, and he will address the nation with the information on television tonight. But what does the Prime Minister's roadmap mean for weddings? With so much uncertainty surrounding limitations on social interactions, brides and grooms have been in limbo about whether to proceed with wedding plans later this year, or to postpone instead.

So here's what we know about when weddings will be able to go ahead in England, if you're hoping to be able to get married some time soon...

When will weddings be allowed in England?

Currently, no wedding ceremonies are permitted to go ahead - and sadly it'll remain that way until April at the earliest. The government laid out a four-step plan they hope will guide us out of lockdown, but understandably the easing of restrictions will be very gradual this time around to ensure we don't see a spike in COVID cases. Regional tiers have been scrapped, so it doesn't matter where you live in England, we're all in the same boat.

Photo credit: LumiNola - Getty Images
Photo credit: LumiNola - Getty Images

Weddings are expected to be re-introduced from step two of the four-step plan, which the government projects to begin from 12 April at the earliest. The dates for each stage guiding us out of lockdown have been laid out, but they obviously depend on the number of coronavirus cases, hospital admissions and deaths remaining manageable. So far, it's looking like this:

  • From 12 April, weddings and wedding receptions with up to 15 people should be allowed to take place

  • From 17 May, weddings and wedding receptions with up to 30 people should be possible

  • From 21 June (step four of the plan), the aim is to "remove all legal limits on social contact" at weddings (and other live events, such as night clubs and theatre performances)

Of course, Boris has made clear today that this is all conditional on levels of coronavirus remaining in control. However, with the vaccination programme being rolled out - and with more than 40 million adults expected to have been vaccinated by 17 May (if the jabs continue at their current pace) - everyone is hopeful that numbers should remain low enough for this to happen.

So let's keep our fingers firmly crossed that the wedding industry can pick back up, and that thousands of couples across the country can finally say "I do" later this year.

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