Wedding planner ‘ruins’ bride’s special day after setting off hotel room sprinkler

A bride’s special day was “ruined” when her wedding planner set off the sprinkler in her hotel room, destroying her wedding dress, hair, and makeup.

On 28 August, one person detailed the messy incident in a viral thread posted to X, formerly known as Twitter. Their tweet has since gained more than 7.8m views, as they shared videos and photos of the sprinkler-soaked hotel room.

“When the wedding planner with no common sense hangs the wedding dress on the sprinklers in the hotel room,” tweeted user @ASHstrology. “This careless choice ruined hair and makeup for the entire bridal party, the wedding dress and my wife’s makeup and equipment which cost $3,000.”

They explained that their wife had been hired by the bride to do her makeup for the special occasion, but when the bride’s wedding planner hung her dress from the hotel room sprinkler, the weight of the gown broke the sprinkler and it went off - causing the hotel room to be flooded.

In one video, members of the bridal party could be seen rushing out of the hotel room after the sprinkler burst, trying to salvage their soaked bags and luggage. A fire alarm could also be heard blaring from the hotel room, which was being sprayed with water from the ceiling’s sprinkler.

A separate tweet showed the damage the sprinkler had caused the makeup artist’s brushes and kits. The hotel room’s ceiling could also be seen peeling off from the water damage in one photo, as firefighters stood in the soaked hallway in the second photo.

However, the user shared in a follow-up tweet that the bride still got married that day. “She wore her reception dress and couldn’t reschedule the wedding because her family is from out of the country,” they said. “The hotel room is in the bride’s name so technically she is responsible. The bride will have to sue the wedding planner.”

According to the user, the wedding planner initially hung the bride’s dress on the hotel room sprinkler because she wanted to capture a full-length photo of the dress, although there was a professional photographer hired for the wedding. Meanwhile, cell phones and a laptop were also soaked by the sprinkler, and one guest who was visiting from out of the country had a suitcase filled with non-wedding clothes ruined.

Since it was posted, the viral thread has prompted a flurry of reactions online from furious users.

“She really just ruined this woman’s wedding,” one user replied.

“As someone who worked for a wedding planner before this is giving me so much anxiety,” another person wrote.

“Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, not sure if this counts though,” a third user said.

Others shared how they would’ve responded if their wedding day was ruined by a hotel sprinkler.

“I wouldn’t even want to get married after this,” one person quipped.

“Not to be dramatic, but I would die,” said someone else.

“You could not make me attend my wedding that day. There’s nothing you can tell me! I am going home and going to bed!” another user joked.

Meanwhile, many users agreed that the wedding planner was responsible for paying back everything that the hotel room sprinkler had ruined.

“The wedding planner should pay for damages,” said one user.

“Sue the wedding planner,” another wrote.

When one person wasn’t as convinced that the sprinkler had damaged $3,000 worth of makeup and hair products, the makeup artist’s wife clarified that everything needed to be replaced because “there are chemicals in the water to help extinguish fires” and these chemicals “can irritate the skin and cause breakouts”.

The Independent has reached out to @ASHstrology for comment.

This isn’t the first time someone has been accused of ruining a bride’s wedding. Recently, a woman was called “oblivious” after she walked through one couple’s beach wedding. In a video shared by user @coryatrandom on TikTok, the woman could be seen walking through a line of bridesmaids as they made their way down a public beach. The beachgoer then appeared to cut across the start of the procession, as attendees said in the clip that she should’ve waited for the bride and her bridesmaids to finish walking down the aisle.

However, many viewers disagreed with their suggestion that the woman should have waited until the wedding was over to walk the beach. “They don’t own the beach because they’re getting married,” one person pointed out, while another viewer asked: “Who gets married on a very busy public beach?”

“Where did you expect her to go? That’s the entrance to the beach,” someone else said.